Our Strength:
Goldenlad Pharma's Value System is ingrained with honesty and integrity: right from the inception to the execution and is practiced thoroughly by one & all. We have always adhered to all the crucial regulations related to drug manufacturing, safety & environmental laws throughout our journey.
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We believe innovations are a must for the growth of an organization and they can happen in any organization and that of any size. We initialize on improving our products day by day through competent R&D and up-gradations.
We are committed to use the magic mantra of people, trust, value and technology to offer the world: Quality product at competitive cost on total integrity platform.


KAIZEN DIVISION Focuses on bone health, dermatology, infectious disease, child health, nutritional supplements & chronic pain management.


AURA DIVISION Specialized in oral Anti-Diabetics, Cardiology, Anti-anemic and Nutritional supplements portfolio covering super specialty medical fraternity


PIONEER DIVISION Specializes in women's health care offering a vast range of female/male infertility, hormonal and pregnancy supplementation.


WELLNESS DIVISION Dedicated To cardiology, diabetology and lifestyle diseases, covers super speciality medical fraternity.


PHARMA DIVISION Focuses on neuropathy management, urology, gastroenterology, nutritional supplements & infectious diseases.